Kinesiology and Muscle Testing (Truth Detector) information by Dr. David Hawkins exerpted from his book "POWER VS FORCE" is presented here.. This book describes in detail the concept of how muscle testing is used to discover CONSCIOUSNESS CALIBRATIONS and how anyone can discover them for themselves.


Scientific validity depends on replicability. To insure reliable duplication of results, the kinesiologic muscle testing technique used for all research cited in POWER VS FORCE book is described below. It is essentially the same method developed by Dr. John Diamond in his pioneering work in Behavioral Kinesiology in the 1970's.


You will need two people who are suitable for muscle testing techniques. The test subject extends their left arm horizontally while the tester faces the subject and places their left hand on the test subjects right shoulder and two fingers of their right hand on top of the wrist of the extended arm of the subject. The tester then simultaneously tells the subject to "resist" against the downward pressure applied by the tester. A normal subject is able to resist the pressure and keep the arm extended parallel to the ground. This means TRUTH as the body's muscles only remain strong in the presence of truth.

Not everyone is a suitable test subject, occasionally there are persons who are unable to keep their arm extended when any downward pressure is applied. This condition may be remedied by thumping themselves over the thymus gland (at the top of the breastbone) in a "one-two-three" rhythm, while they smile and think of someone they love. If test subjects repeatedly go weak, evaluate the tester's voice. The occasional voice that makes others go weak disqualifies its owner as a tester.

Keep the testing situation impersonal; refrain from smiling or making personal comments. Keep the environment free from noise, background music or distractions such as pets or intrusive children. Remove metal objects such as eyeglass frames, watches or jewelry, including necklaces. Strong perfume or after shave lotion may also affect test results. To improve concentration, have the subject close their eyes.


Now you are ready to do a trial run. The tester asks the subject to think of someone they love, then presses down with their two fingers on the subject's extended arm. The result is that the subject is able to stay strong and resist the downward pressure. If the subject does not stay strong at this point, then something has been overlooked in the preparation or the subject really does not love who they are visualizing.

Further trial testing may include asking the subject what their name is, visualizing the American flag, classical music, Mahatma Ghandi, or simply stating the word "OUTSTANDING". These should all test strong or resistance of the downward pressure.

Testing weak can be experienced by having the subject visualize someone they hate, saying any of the words Hitler, Swastika, Stalin, or Gangster Rap music. These should all test weak or not being able to resist the downward pressure of the tester.


After establishing that the test subjects reacts reliably and is in a normal state, proceed with the topic under investigation by making declaritive statements. Questions should always be posed as a declaration of fact. It is useless to ask questions about the future as the results will have no reliability. Always preface the investigation with the statement, "It is safe for me to make inquiry into __________(the specific topic)." YES? NO?

Each time a question is stated, the test subject is told to resist and the tester presses down quickly with two fingers on the test subject's extended wrist.

Muscle testing also works with the subject holding objects next to their solar plexus. Items that make the body go weak can be replaced with items that make the body go strong. You may want to experiment with items such as artificial sweeteners, foods you love, your favorite music cd, medicines you take ... you will be ASTOUNDED!


Dr. Hawkins spent over 20 years doing research with 1000's of clinicians using kinesiology muscle testing in their everyday clinical practices to arrive at the scientifically proven validity of muscle testing. Test results can be verified by anyone, anywhere using this kinesiology procedure. While Dr. Hawkins did not discover muscle testing, he has without a doubt done the most scientific research.

Dr. Hawkins work in discovering that all human beings have a calibrated consciousness that can be determined using muscle testing is the most evolutionary tool ever presented to the world of scientific investigation into spirituality. You may order "POWER VS FORCE" book directly from Dr. Hawkins webpage (