What if you could easily discover what your level of consciousness was at this very moment? What if it was so simple to do, that you yourself could calibrate it and for free! What if you could also discover the consciousness level of all those people around you with the same ease?

What Are Consciousness Calibrations?

Evolutionary concepts are being introduced to us everyday but none has the potential that Dr. David Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. has given to the people of Earth … which is to know your level of consciousness. He has scientifically researched and documented his findings in a 25 year study that discovered there are definable levels of consciousness on Earth ranging between 1 and 1000. 1 being the lowest level and barely alive with 1000 representing the Christ Consciousness. Only 1 person in the last 2000 years has calibrated at 1000, Jesus. Dr. Hawkins published this information in a book in 1995 called "POWER VS FORCE". His second book published in 2001 is called "THE EYE OF THE I", Read "POWER VS FORCE" first however, otherwise you will be lost in the second one. His third book is due out toward the end of 2002.

Dr. Hawkins is able to find this amazing information because everything in the universe radiates a specific frequency, or minute energy field, which remains in the field of consciousness permanently. Thus, every person or being whoever lived, and anything about them, including any event, thought, deed, feeling, or attitude, is recorded forever and can be retrieved at any time in the present or the future.

Dr. Hawkins found that the Consciousness Calibrations (CC) corresponded to the classic levels of consciousness as described by the great minds such as Carl Jung (540). Furthermore he discovered that the CC of 200 was the fulcrum point at which the being has the opportunity to advance to higher states of consciousness utilizing love. If your CC is under 200 you are operating more from the survival mode of fear & anger.

Rapidly Changing Consciousness Since 9/11/01

The overall CC of the 6+ billion people of Earth prior to 9/11/01 was 207 with 78% of the World’s population under CC of 200. That terrorist event awakened the masses to unity like no other event has ever done.

The CC jumped 33 pts to 240 as a result of the 9/11/01 energy transformation and stayed there until February 2002 when it increased to 250. By March 2002 the Earth's population physically manifested consciousness calibration had increased to 300. By 12/31/02 the Earth's poplation had increased their physically manifested consciousness calibration to 350.

Interestingly enough during February and March 2002 the Sun was particularly active with Solar Flares and Coronal Mass Ejections. Could it be that there is a relationship between the Suns activity and the Consciousness on the Earth? Yes is the answer that comes to my mind.

The initial attack on Iraq initiated on March 19th 2003, triggered an increase in the CC of Earth's population from 350 to 375. By March 21st the CC had risen to 400. The Iraq conflict is triggering an increase in world wide consciousness due to the masses focusing on PEACE FOR ALL.

Dr. Hawkins Consciousness Calibration Table

020 – Shame 030 – Guilt 050 – Apathy 075 – Grief
100 – Fear 125 – Desire 150 – Anger 175 – Pride
Above Levels operating in Survival Mode, Below Levels operating more from Love
200 – Courage 250 – Neutrality 310 – Willingness 350 – Acceptance
400 – Reason 500 – Love 540 – Joy 600 – Oneness
700 – 1000 is Enlightenment - Christ Consciousness

Duality/Polarity begins to dissipate at the 500 level and completely merges into unity/oneness at 600. At 500 you are beginning to "FEEL" the merging of the polarities and by 600 you only know the "FEELING" of oneness. If you find yourself in the 400’s of REASON, you can "THINK" you understand oneness and polarities but you can only "FEEL" them occaisionally.

An example of the power of 600 and up is that if you are willing to be healed and you are in the presence of an entity that calibrates at least 600, you will be healed. A 500 still experiences the polarities but does not stay in them for very long as a dip into anger (150) is very uncomfortable for a 500.

How Do I Find My Consciousness Level?

There are two ways that you can access this information, using Kinesiology or Dowsing. Dr. Hawkins suggests that the intention behind all questions must come from integrity and not be frivolous.


Dr. Hawkins uses kinesiology techniques which have been scientifically proven to give accurate results. The Science of Kinesiology (Muscle Testing), has proven that the muscles of the body go weak for non-truths and goes strong for truths. You need two people with consciousness calibrations of 200 or more for accurate results (if you are reading this you most likely are 200+). The tester asks the question and tests the muscle of the subject for strength or weakness. You would state that you are asking about the Consciousness Calibrations that range from 1 to 1000. The question would be something like, "The consciousness calibration for subject is 200 or more?" If the muscle stays strong, then that means YES the subject’s CC is 200 or more. Then you would ask 300 or more? YES, 400 or more? NO This would mean that the CC is between 300 and 400. You would continue this process until you got an exact CC number for the subject in question.


The second technique, dowsing with a pendulum, can be done with just 1 person. A specialized chart which makes it easy to get the exact CC with 1 question is available. The question would be something like, "The consciousness calibration today for person A is what number?" The pendulum then will swing to whatever the correct CC is. After obtaining the CC number, it should always be verified, "The consciousness calibration today for person A is 500? The pendulum will swing to either YES or NO. If NO I then ask if the calibration is 499. It seems that many CC’s are 499 and not 500. This is because the 400’s are the realm of REASON (intellect and mind). For example Albert Einstein was 499. It has been most challenging for beings on Earth to transcend 499 prior the year 2002. This is because the mind/ego must be surrendered, thus allowing unconditional love to operate fully. LOVE/COMPASSION must be part of the life's experience higher CC’s of 500-1000.

Experience using the pendulum can be very rewarding. The more one uses it the more at ease you will be with the results. This process works because you are communicating with your higher self. The initial stages of this communication may result in some trial and error. Keep doing it, ask questions you don’t know the answers to but are able to verify. This will give you confidence that you are communicating properly.

Now That I Know My CC ... So What?

The solution to all 3rd dimensional duality/polarity problems is to bring a higher consciousness to the situation. If you are in grief (75) or fear (100) you will raise your consciousness by becoming angry (150). If you are angry (150) and bring pride (175) to resolve your anger, you will raise your consciousness level. Ultimately at a CC of 600 there is only oneness and the duality/polarity merges together.

If you want to raise your consciousness, fill your life with only people, events, thoughts, vibrations that calibrate higher than where you are. Remember every thought has a measurable consciousness calibration that effects who you are. If you are a 250 and want to break into the 300’s you can’t do it being fearful (100), angry (150), proud (175), etc. Calibrate every book you read, every TV program you watch, every movie you go to see, every person that is in your life. These vibrations define who you are by the CC level you maintain.

Please note that filling your life with high CC's is different than positive thinking. Positive thinking is a polarity concept and does not enable a soul to rise above 499. Only Love, Joy and Compassion from the heart will enable a breakthrough into the 500's.

Consciousness Changing Event!

January 6, 2002 in Westlake CA, my wife and I went to see Wayne Dyer presenting a seminar called, "THERE IS A SPIRITUAL SOLUTION TO EVERY PROBLEM". We had no idea what we were going to be exposed to, namely CONSCIOUSNESS CALIBRATIONS. Wayne has also published his latest book with the same name as his seminar. During this presentation he introduced us to Dr. Hawkins work and demonstrated the muscle testing technique with audience participation.

After that day, we determined the CC’s for most of the important things in our lives which have opened our eyes about how energy vibrations in our surroundings effect us. A must see is the movie "A BEAUTIFUL MIND" which calibrates to a 500 (LOVE). The intellect can only take you so far, then you must surrender it to LOVE and experience the unity of oneness.

CC is definitely a unique tool that allows us to go within to obtain information about our multidimensionality (500-1000) that is understandable to our intellect (1-499). This information presented here has a CC of 1000.

Closing with Love, Bryce and Lisa Jackson


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