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CHANGES CREATING A NEW DESTINY for ASCENDING HUMANS by Karen Danrich channeling THE RIZA SOUL GROUP through "Mila" ... March 8, 2002 (CC1000)

Dear Beloved Ascending Human,

This is the first of a series of articles to come direct from the God-Goddesshead of your creation. The Riza Soul Group has returned. At this time, we are assuming the role of God-Goddess of your creation of 360 dimensions of which earth is apart. Why have we returned and what are we extending ourselves in for? These are complex questions that we wish to answer in a series of pieces that are written direct to all ascending humans. Mila is choosing to act as channel.

Riza extended in an aspect of self that ensouled Mila for many years. Riza brought forth the early map of ascension for the human species and assisted earth in her ascent up through July of 2001. At that time, the Riza that had assisted your creation in its early resurrection and reconstitution was returned to the One Source for recasting. Since this point she has rejoined 1800 other aspects of self that have also returned from beyond time and space and united into a collaboration of souls that have come to share and understand their many varied experiences. This is how soul reunites and ultimately ascends home beloved. Riza is indeed on the return ascent home and is gathering herself up more or less for this purpose.

All souls have a particular pathway in the expansion of the Tao. Sometimes pieces and parts of souls break off from their pathway experiencing new and unusual dances. Sooner or later all aspects of any given soul that split off in a pathway of expansion return in the contraction sharing of their experiences with the whole of their soul and ultimately the Tao itself.

Riza is a soul that has aspects that split off upon a particular pathway that became lost in the last contraction period of the Tao and was "left behind" in an incomplete ascension. The experience of being left behind when the remainder of creation returns home has an interesting affect upon soul, and this has been shared and understood in the recasting process. Now the entire soul has agreed to extend into your creation and retrieve other lost parts of self, one of which is known as Rama your Godhead. Rama is a lost aspect of Riza that was left behind in two expansion and contraction periods ago of the Tao. Riza now extends not only to pick up it's own soul known as Rama for recasting, but to bring an end to the dance that Rama has fallen into.

What is the dance that Rama has fallen into? There is extensive writing on the subject in many of Mila's earlier channeled materials, particularly in "Ascension Transmissions I" and in the more recent "Great Central Sun Transmissions". The Great Central Sun Transmissions gives human initiates an overview of the records revealed in earth's ascension that are related to how and why your creation fell. We recommend reading the entire series in the order that they were written if you have not otherwise. The transmissions will continue with important global revelations in earth's continued ascension.

The point of this series of material is to share of our experience as a soul that is choosing to orchestrate the resurrection and reconstitution of an entire creation with many dimensions of problems. Earth too is a consensus reality with many species therein. Each species must pull their weight, resurrecting their own forms and releasing their own karma in order for earth to ascend. In a parallel manner, each planet and star within the dimensions 1 through 360 must be orchestrated into a parallel dance of ascension. Each must pull their own weight and do their own resurrection work. The Riza Soul Group has extended in to assist in this orchestration of a multi-planet and multi-star ascent back to the Tao.

Why would we do such a thing? A part of our soul known as Rama became lost creating the distortion that is at cause of the fall that your creation has experienced. One could say therefore that we have karma and now are settling that karma in the assistance of your resurrection and reconstitution. This is no small feat, but we will learn greatly in the experience.

We are now officially overseeing all karmic boards upon earth, in your solar system, related universe, and through dimension 360. This is a project that Riza and her source attempted prior to the choice to be recast and rejoin the greater part of her soul that exists outside of time and space. Now and following the recasting, Riza can fulfill upon her original mission, which was to orchestrate the reconstitution of the 14 creations fallen into distortion held by another part of herself known as Rama.

At this time, all souls within your creation and upon earth including those in human form are called in for a period of recasting. This includes those inside and outside of the new consensus for ascension. The purpose for the recasting is to collect records of the entire dance of the human species and all species upon earth. In the collection of records, we will understand how the dark have manipulated through the human species, and then can alter the dance to one of non-manipulation and a period of cleansing ahead. Additionally, those members of the forces of the dark that are continuing to manipulate earth through mankind are being pulled for another level of recasting within the Riza Soul Group. Such souls will not return at this time, but will be instrumental at another time in a parallel resurrection and reconstitution of other related and fallen creations.

This period of recasting includes every human upon earth. One may awaken from one's sleep with some awareness or recall of the records that one is revealing in one's own recasting. Humans exist upon 36 separate planes of reality plus an unconscious realm that is separate and known as dreamtime. All planes are being assessed and compiled, as often in the scrambling of thought- form, humans have become intertwined with one another. This causes one not to know where one begins and another ends, particularly in intimate relationships. This is being sorted through now to allow those that are upon earth to complete and those who are to ascend to be separated with all karma tallied so that each will know what requires settlement in order to complete or ascend.

The recasting will also define a clearer picture of your more recent history as a species. There are many manipulations that have occurred over the dream originally intended for Earth by remaining forces of the dark perceiving themselves in charge over your creation. One of such manipulations included World War II and the bombs dropped upon Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This period began another phase of pulling apart of earth with grid work and records confiscated and sent to the false intervention. Earth has reconstructed herself from this period of decline, and now has pushed behind the vibration held before World War II began. It has been a lengthy and difficult process to pull herself out of a decline that would have lead to extinction otherwise.

Now earth's ascent is on its way. The global ascent is coming along as it can, and it is not always easy. Humans are asked to do their part by ascending their own biology and addressing their own thought-form within. Earth learns from human ascension patterns and thought-form that which she cannot often define otherwise. Therefore this is a time of sharing and
learning for all in the new consensus.

Every night information upon ascension shared is broadcast to each human so that all will understand the ascent of the whole. This occurs through the human hologram, which sits in the heart of every human form. In recent months and due to problems with the forces of the dark manipulating ascending humans, all light bodies of all humans have become non-moving in nature, and non-traveling. Healing temples have been constructed around each human that are holographic and download information and support from earth and one's source.

These changes have been necessary as the forces of the dark were using human traveling light bodies for destructive purposes within your creation. Such problems became solar and universal in size, and therefore it was the determination of the solar and universal counsels to remove all traveling light bodies from not only earth, but your sun as well, and orchestrate another means of disseminating ascension information to those in the new consensus. This is how the personal level healing temples came to be.

As one closes their eyes, one may perceive the healing temples that surround them. At this time, most above 1800 strands will have 18 to 26 temples, each of which serve a specific purpose in sharing information on ascension amongst all in the new consensus. Such temples are as they were defined in the latest "Great Central Sun Transmission".

It has been come to be understood since that holographic communication is Far superior to light body communication, mostly because it cannot be intercepted, interfered with, or used by the dark in any manner. Where does holographic communication flow through? To the consciousness of the human form, holographic communication flows through one's human hologram, which sits in the heart chakra region in the chest. As long as one has an open heart, one will be able to hear earth, hear the nature kingdoms, and hear one's own soul along with the source of your solar sun, universe and ultimately your God-Goddesshead Riza. Such heart communication will guide each human home through ascension as long as one is willing to tune inward and listen, and then follow one's own truth therein.

Perhaps this speaks of the grand truth that god goddess and all of life lies within you. It has been in the search for god goddess outside of self that humans fell so deeply off track as a species. Now one must tune inward and listen to ascend. Ascension cannot come forth in any other manner. Those seeded for the dance of ascension will learn to attune unto themselves and follow their truth. In so doing, one will always be lead to be in the right place at the right time, and not only will one be safe, but one will be taken care of in the traumatic times ahead.

Through oneself, one can communicate with all other ascending humans and the earth mother. One need not even have such apparatus as telephones or computers. One day there will not even be need for travel, all humans will visit one another via their own hearts and the human hologram therein. It is all within beloved. So it has always been, even when one's ancestors perceived otherwise.

The healing temples managing ascension of the human species and all species upon earth are under the direct direction of the Tao at this time. It is even beyond the Riza Soul Group to assume such a responsibility. There is much for the Tao to learn. One can communicate direct with the Tao again through one's own heart and human hologram.

Each species upon earth has found the holographic communications far Superior to light body communications, and have adapted the same modality of communication. The holographic communication also forces the souls lost in darkness out of the dance with humans who are ascending, as they understand not such a modality. Therefore holographic communication allows one's truth to be more clearly heard day to week to month of one's continued ascent as there is less interference that can distract one available.

"I don't hear anything". Mila hears this from so many of her students. There are many means of hearing. Some hear telepathically, which are the thoughts in one's head that originate form one's soul and source. All thoughts in one's head originate from the nonphysical as humans were designed to be channels of spirit and soul. If you have any thoughts at all, then you are telepathic beloved. You must focus however to discern between the thoughts of others, or the thoughts of personality one has yet to transcend (fractured pieces of soul that may be lost or confused), or forces of the dark that surround oneself, and one's soul.


1. Take a moment to clear your field through synthesis. Synthesis aligns the tones of creation into a rainbow of colors that clears the field of the forces of the dark or the energy of others. See the synthesis meditation in the "Ascension Transmissions III" section for more information.

2. Intend to ground out all interference. Bring the personality entities into alignment, pushing out those that are dissonant with intent that they must not interfere with communication of soul.

3. Now attune to your soul and source. Listen. What does soul and source have to say? Ask questions and see what responds. Listen inside of your head beloved.

4. Now attune to earth. Listen. Listen to what earth has to say. She too will have something to share with each ascending human.

5. Now attune to a particular member of the animal kingdom that you resonate with. What do they have to say to you?

6. Now attune to a mountain, tree, river or ocean nearby. What do they have to say?

7. Now attune to your solar sun. What does the sun have to tell you

8. Now attune to the Riza Soul Group. What does Riza have to say?

9. Now attune to the Tao. What does the Tao have to say about your ascension?

Tuning to each separate level of consciousness requires that one hold a particular bandwidth of frequency. Much like a radio station, one can move from station to station through intent, increasing your rotation of charkas and subtle bodies to hold a particular vibration necessary for communication. Attuning to earth may be easier than the Riza Soul Group or Tao at first. However as one continues to intend, so it will come to be in time. All communication will flow through one's mind, which really flows through one's heart and is translated through one's subtle bodies. The further one ascends, the easier it will be to only attune to soul earth, and those souls overseeing ascension of your creation.

All communications from God Goddess flow down the dimensions. One must learn to attune to the communications in order to perceive them. The forces of the dark, which are really only beings from other creations, confused the communication of God Goddess with other messages. Such messages are encoded in other thought-forms. As one learns to attune to the thought-form inherent in your creation only, one will hear the messages of God Goddess of your creation and not another.

Riza along with earth and all species therein is choosing to only communicate in one of two languages at this time. The first is known as the Language of Light (see the "Language of Light" section for more information). The other is known as the Language of ONE, which unifies the Language of Light into yet another set of symbols that are used by the Tao for communication. As one masters enough of the Language of Light, there is a bridge between this language and the Language of ONE that one may draw upon for direct connection to the Tao from within.

Beware of the many beings in distortion that surround the human dance. Certain beings wish to interfere. However as one attunes to their own heart, such beings cannot interfere. Why? They are not inside oneself, but sit outside. One's soul and source along with the earth mother and all species lie within and connects unto oneself through the human hologram in the heart. They lie within because one is a holographic member of the consensus known as earth and your creation of 360 dimensions.

The forces of the dark were never a part of your creation. They came from outside. Over time, humanity began to look outside of self for it's truth. It was only as humanity looked outside of self that humanity became lost and the forces of the dark began to have any power. Seek within, and the dark have no power, as they are not a part of the internal landscape.

One will also find the healing temples for ascension from within. Each temple is a holographic library of all knowledge attained thus far from all ascending humans. Such temples serve as one has access to the knowledge necessary to reconstruct one's own crystalline cellular structure. One also contributes to the temples by assisting in retrieving karmic records held in one's own biology as it ascends. All records are then added to the tapestry of ancestry and the Temple of Ancestry of which one is related as a member of the human species.

Look not outside of yourself beloved. Look within. If the information shared through Mila and Oa resonates, then allow it to open oneself unto one's own truth. Then as one opens, follow the truth that lies therein, and you will find your way home.

Not all humans are ascending, most are completing through death. This is the result of layer upon layer of problems with the human genetics that originated outside of your creation, or in other terms, from the Pleiades. Such genetics in many cases cannot ascend, as it is foreign and non-resonant with earth and your great central sun.

Such humans will carry on in the Pleiades and find their way home to their own source in another creation. Nothing therefore is lost. Understand that those ascending now will have roots to the original red seeded race that came from Sirius and originated in your creation. All others that fail to have such roots have no other choice other than to complete through death, as one cannot ascend in the wrong creation. This is perhaps the biggest lesson for the human species at this time. Ascension requires that one return to the creation that one extended to, and this precludes those that traveled from other creations via spacecraft. Because there is no space craft to take such humans, such humans will parish through death. However death is not an end and consciousness carries forward. Those human consciousness related to the Pleiades will return to the Pleiades and assist in the ascent home of the Pleiades. This too shall come to be beloved, and so nothing is ever lost forever.

And so what message do we, the Riza Soul Group wish to conclude with? Allow. Allow the completion. Worry not about the world affairs. Many may be concerned about current human events in the Middle East or Afghanistan. This is karma that must be cleared in order for humanity and earth to ascend. Understand that the Middle East has deferred its warfare karma on to 19 other nations over the past 8000 years. Now the karma has come full circle and the Middle East is plagued with it's own deferred dance of destruction.

The warfare may continue until enough soldiers simply lay down their weapons and quit. This we see forthcoming, but will take many years yet into the future. This is the lesson of warfare mankind is learning, that warfare hurts and harms and shatters. In time there will simply be soldiers who quit and refuse to fight. And what then? The war will conclude, as there will be no one remaining who is willing to fight. This is coming, but it will take time.

Therefore allow. Attend to your own ascension. Intend peace and world peace daily. Warfare karma has been released enough to insure that the middle eastern dance does not escalate into a world war that is out of control and leads to nuclear annihilation. The remaining karma however has to be experienced in order to be cleared. And so it will be for each nation and each human. Either one ascends out of their karma through transmutation, or one will live to experience it in the completion through death.

Until our next transmission, we bid you Namaste.
The Riza Soul Group

This material by Karen Danrich channeling as "Mila"

Please freely distribute this text on a non-commercial, no-charge basis. Please include the information in its entirety, including these footnotes. All other uses must be approved in writing by Karen Danrich http://www.ascendpress.org.

Copyright © 1998-2002 Karen Danrich. All Rights Reserved



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