Spiritual Enlightenment – Understanding Consciousness

By Kip Mazuy  |   Submitted On January 27, 2009 You have probably already heard all of the Spiritual Enlightenment sayings like “Consciousness is all there is,” And “Advaita means – not two.” And although all of these things are true, the words themselves filed away as knowledge, don’t get you any closer to Spiritual Enlightenment. So in this […]

JOYFUL, Notes From The Universe

. Howdy all,  My wife and I have been following Mike Dooly and his Notes From The Universe for many many years. Mike is coming from a very SPIRITUAL place, which is why we participate in his NOTES FROM THE UNIVERSE. Lisa and I have utilized the Law of Attraction (a spiritual concept) to be together […]

Solar Eclipse/Equinox Combo Opens Portal of Divine Potential

Solar Eclipse/Equinox Combo Opens Portal of Divine Potential We stand at a crossroads of the old and the new. This is a crossroads that offers the opportunity for awakening and rebirth through a portal of divine potential that has opened before us. This portal extends well into the rest of 2015 and will transport us into […]

Stepping into the Footprints of our Fifth-Dimensional Selves

Stepping into the Footprints of our Fifth-Dimensional Selves The April 4 Lunar Eclipse at 14 degrees Libra amplifies the portal created by last month’s Solar Eclipse in Pisces and Spring Equinox. This eclipse brings the cosmic message that life on planet Earth is changing and it’s time to free our minds by jettisoning all that is […]


SOLAR ECLIPSE IN VIRGO TRIGGERS WAVES OF LIFE-ALTERING CHANGE SEPTEMBER 2, 2016 BY THE GOLDEN LIGHT CHANNEL The solar eclipse at 9 degrees Virgo brings us to a crossroads and a turning point that will shape the course of coming weeks, months and years. This week’s eclipse is one of the most powerful in recent years. We […]


Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius Stokes the Fires of Transformation The winds of change ramp up this week with a lunar eclipse at 25 degrees Aquarius. This is a nonconformist’s eclipse, landing in the third week of Aquarius, a location of the zodiac that fosters humanitarian ideals and is home to those who never fully identify with […]


Pisces Solar Eclipse Brings Cellular Healing and Transformation A Solar Eclipse occurs on March 8-9 at 18 degrees and 56 minutes of Pisces, assisting us in healing deep, cellular wounds, greatly expand our vision of our potentials and step into new vibrational frequencies that are accessible to us as we step free of what has held […]

Awakening Cellular Dreams with the Powerful Wesak Moon

Awakening Cellular Dreams with the Powerful Wesak Moon Inside you, encoded in your DNA, sleeps the dream of the new time. Many of you have been awakening to this vision as its stirs more strongly within you during this powerful time. You agreed to awaken and join together at this time to bring the Earth to […]

Paradigm Shift Now: Uranus-Pluto Square asks us to ‘Evolve on our Feet’

Paradigm Shift Now: Uranus-Pluto Square asks us to ‘Evolve on our Feet’ We are under the influence of the final exact square of Uranus Pluto. We began feeling the effects of the connection between these two power houses as far back as 2008. The energies ramped up with each 90-degree square, the first of which occurred […]