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GREETINGS, Welcome Co-Creators to Co-Creations Unlimited website. The reason for this website is to provide a place that Lisa and I can share our perspective of life and to assist all souls to remember who you are and what your purpose is for experiencing this ILLUSION at this time. The discovery of who you are is an INWARD JOURNEY that is imersed in an endless sea of this OUTWARD FOCUSED society. We are all spiritual co-creators sharing our energies with other co-creators in order to experience life fully in our quest to consciously experience the SHIFT into ONENESS (ASCENSION). As Tony Parsons says.. Everything is an invitation to awaken! Information and messages are shared from within and through us with the knowledge that "WE ARE ALL ONE". The rotating image here represents our version of a polarity integrator. The August Milk Hill, England crop circle called to me to rotate it. If you focus on it you will experience the NOW. 

TRIBUTE TO ELOISE .... posted July 4th, 2007

Sadness has entered the Jackson household. Eloise our 18 yo Maine Coon Cat has made her transition as of July 3rd at 4:48pm. Today she is enjoying her independence from the physical. She was at peace when she took her last breath. My wife Lisa was away visiting family and I was at home caring for Eloise as we knew her time was near. I held her in my lap and she garnered one last purr that told me she understood and it was OK. This was the hardest thing I have had to experience since 1969 when my Father passed on with an unexpected heart attack.

Eloise was my cat since she "found" us the first week we were on the road beginning our RV lifestyle back in Sept 1989. She was a kitten that had been abandoned in a campground on the Oregon coast. Lisa's cat "Kirby", now 15 and still with us, found us in 1992, also as an abandoned male kitten from a Colorado campground.

Eloise has been an outstanding companion over the years and just a month ago was walking with us and still catching rabbits on our ranch. It was hard seeing her decline and July 3rd it was obvious she could not go on much longer. Her diagnosis was a tumor attached to her bowel and spreading into her chest, plus kidney failure, so we had no other choice but to allow her to pass as peacefully as possible. Kirby just does not yet understand where Eloise is as he has only known his life with her in it. He is sleeping in her spot and calls out to her plus seems to be looking for her.

Eloise has taught us a lot about life and we are blessed to have had her share her life with us. Cats live in the now and have no worries about the future which is how we have lived our life on the road in an RV. Freedom is and has been a large part of life now for 18 years. Freedom to go where we want to go, freedom to experience nature, freedom to do nothing or freedom to do anything we choose. We had no early private retirement and have worked on the road, earning income as we go. However since I turned 62 in 2002, we have learned to live off of our Social Security and enjoy a relatively stress free life. Life without her will be challenging for awhile but her spirit will live on with us forever.

Thank you Eloise, we will forever be grateful to you and love you.

Closing with Love, Bryce and Lisa ..


APOLOGY...This website has remained free of any type of advertising from its inception in 2001. I know the consciousness calibration of this site is now lower than it was due to the addition of ADSENSE advertisments and the related products that are now being recommended for purchase. However 99% of the information here is still free.Thank you for your understanding.Bryce & Lisa.


SOUL EMPOWERMENT SPIRITUAL COMMUNITY with awakened souls working together in a unity consciousness for the purpose of assisting unawakened souls remember who they are...

DISCERNMENT of TRUTH techniques are explored using the body as a way to communicate with the intellect to determine the degree of TRUTH in peolple, places, things and writings...

CHANNELINGS by High Vibrational Beings that we resonate with. These souls are bringing forth messages of the Shifting Energies and the Ascension process. Vibrational calibrations of channeled material frequently reach 1500 with these messages.

SPIRITUAL ARTICLES that are all related to the spiritual process of shifting one's consciousness to the higher dimensions in this process called Ascension to Oneness while in the physical body. Includes divination procedures such as pendulum usage and muscle testing. Pendulum charts are also available to download for free.

PURPOSE OF LIFE .... What is the purpose of Life anyway? Lisa and I present our perspective of what our purpose of life is. Know that ultimately you must explore your own inner being to discover your purpose of being here.

SHARINGS of our energies with each other, with Mother Earth, with our Solar Sun, with our Solar System, with our Universe, and finally with our Galactic Central Sun. Our book called, "OUTPOST ROAD - A TRAVELER'S GUIDE TO THE 5TH DIMENSION" is also shared for all to read.

CURRENT EVENTS PROOF is growing within each of us and influencing our society! We are creating a list of things that are happening to the masses that reflect transformation from intellectual economic to heart based Oneness Consciousness.

SPIRITUAL DNA ... what is this anyway? We are all modifying our DNA from 2 to 12 strands.SACRED SYMBOLS are the building blocks for life in the 3rd dimension as we know it.

HOW TO CALIBRATE YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS LEVEL  This knowledge will assist you on your INWARD JOURNEY to remember who you are ... it is OUTSTANDING. If you want to know how to calibrate your consciousness, we now have available, free website information. There are several articles available on this website that are based upon this concept, you are welcome to share them with whomever you wish, as long as you do so freely. "Things they are a changin'"

VIBRATIONAL CALIBRATIONS The most transformative concept that we have learned recently is CONSCIOUSNESS CALIBRATIONS. They have been discovered by Dr. David R. Hawkins with 25 years of research. This one concept alone may enable one to change from outward focus to inward focus. Every person, place or thing on Earth has a VIBRATIONAL calibration associated with it and you have the ability to KNOW how to discover it for yourself.

SPIRITUAL BOOKS that we have personally read and have rated by the VIBRATIONAL CALIBRATIONS of each Author. Note that any book regardless of it's vibrational calibration may still have information in it that will trigger a remembering of who you are.

SPIRITUAL MOVIES that we have personally seen and have vibrationally calibrated to 300 or higher. Highest calibrated movie is rated at a 700 (What the Bleep Do We Know). The vast majority of movies created today are calibrated at less than 500. When a 500 movie comes along, we make sure we see it .... sooner rather than later.





Bryce & Lisa Jackson, Co-Creations Unlimited...

NAMASTE..The spirit within us honors the spirit within you. ... Closing with Divine Love, Bryce and Lisa


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